Kia ora,

My name is Tama Noa Noa, but I have always been known as Noa Noa, Tahitian for 'the sweet fragrance of spring flowers borne on the wind'.

For being sweet I cannot vouch, as sweetness is a subjective flavour, but as for wind, well the windy fingers of Tawhirimatea have wrapped themselves around my existence and helped shape who I am.

Windblown by a whirlwind mother and South Seas-dreaming father, I grew up in the windiest of cities this side of the equator, talking in two tongues like a fish of two waters, I hold fast to life like the Pohutukawa tree's roots which coil themselves around the crags of our coastline, challenging adversity and creating beauty in the sunshine months.

I am of Maaori and German decent and live and work overlooking the wild and windy seas of the south coast of Wellington, New Zealand.

My life is filled with love. I am mother to my two gorgeous sons.

I am a teacher by day, an anthropologist by training, and an artist and writer when the moments are left free of other distractions.


I have been creating art since i was a little girl with pigtails...allways drawing horses and other fanciful beings.

Paintings, ink drawings, paper creations, line drawings, screen, intaglio, wood prints, illustrations...I enjoy exploring new ways of creating.

I have been in hiatus for some time but am now relishing my reentry into the artistic sphere, wood prints being my current medium of choice.

I studied design in Dunedin for two years, but ultimately graduated in Anthropology as my love of discovering what makes culture tick is what made me think the most.

I see my art as a vehicle for self exporation, and I am always surprised at what actually emerges from the end of the paint brush, pen, or knife.

I exhibited at Deluxe in 2003 and 2010 and Pranah in 2010 .



Feasible Futures. Board Game about issues relating to sustainable human polulations including social, environmental and environmental concerns. Concept development, research, testing and production, 2008.
Global Issues. (Global Education Centre Publication for use in the Social studies and Geography curriculum). Wrote, researched and compiled 2007 issues term 2, 3, 4 and 2008 issues term 1 on Human Rights, Child Labour, Chemical additives, Green Washing and Climate Change.
Ansett New Zealand Adventurers. Childrens in-flight magazine. Maori myths and games for issues 9-13. 1996-7.
Te Marae, Lands End Pub. 1997 Illustrations.
Nga Korero a Nga Tamariki, Art another language, Teaching Maori Art, Lands End Pub. 1995, Author Reihana Mac Donald. Diagrams.
City Voice, Letter head for Maori news section. 1994
On Limited Budget, Ms appropriating the Budget, 1993, Cover design for publication produced by Limit, a Wellington Women's Peace Group.
The Evening Post, Prime Time, September 22, 1992. Illustrations for Mai Te Uma o Papatuanuku, Shapes from the Land.
Horizons, Journal of Asia- Pacific Issues, Vol. 3, 1988. Cover Design.