21 March to 3 April 2010
Deluxe Cafe, Kent Terrace, Wellington

Haere Mai and Welcome, to "Taniwha and Moon" , an exhibition of Maori Manaia-esque mythical creatures. These serpentine characters have been enjoying dancing, embracing, swirling and frolicking across my boards, wings and and tails and ridges twisting in the moonlight.

I am not entirely sure where these Taniwha came from but they seem to have been pouring into me and out of me, tapping at my mind in the space between sleep and waking.

Colours and textures and forms have rolled across my dreaming eyes and later in the day they have taken shape, first in pencil on paper, then pencil on board then the sharp edge of a knife cuts lines that i long to run an ink impregnated roller across so that I might see what images are mirrored back at me.

Some prints are portrait like, streamlined silhouettes encircled by the moon, sedate and almost familial in composition. Others appear to embody far more energy as if the moon light had ignited a wild dancing rite.

Print making is time consuming, inching along idea by idea, line by line, cut by cut, pull by pull, until the print lies before you, like a new born baby, familiar but always a surprise. This exhibition has been as much about the enjoyment of creating as about the finished product.
It has been a delicious exploration of a medium and a journey of discovery; learning the nuances of a process.

I invite you to view the full exhibtion in the gallery page.
Please feel free
contact me on tamanoanoa.com to arrange purchasing of work or call me on 027 271 6020


And Yes! There are more exhibitions in the pipeline!
I am now working on a new series of wood blocks also with Taniwha as their main subject matter, however these are designed for a more mature audience.

Inspired by Japanese erotic wood prints of the 1800's and after an afternoon of canoodling on the couch I became fascinated with the multitudinous manner of shapes two bodies can become entwined: curling feet, reaching necks, arms and fingers resting delicately across the torso of a loved other.

These Taniwha are eager to make contact with their strange limbs and horse like faces reminiscent of egyptian gods. I am relishing the process of shearing these these sensual serpents out of wood and into the world and will share them shyly with an viewing audience in the not too distant future.

You can observe as the swell of work in progress become real in the picture gallery.