Kia Ora and Welcome

An anthropologist and teacher by training and life long art creator by compulsion, my relationship with the art of printmaking began nearly two decades ago. I have become especially intimate with the medium of woodblock prints over the past ten years.

Thematically my prints draw on both Māori and Pacific imagery as well as mystical creatures who appear almost by magic as my carving tools search through the wood for stories in need of telling.

The sliced, spherical and sultry imagery of the moon often appear in conjunction with the female form where their shared qualities of sensuality, strength, yearning and procreative ebb and flow are explored. The subconscious is brought into the light.

My creative process is both planned and organic leading to prints that often surprise me when they are finally pulled clean, like the face of a much awaited new babe it is always a first meeting so to speak.

I grew up in the windiest city south of the equator, talking in two tongues like a fish of two waters. I hold fast to life like the Pohutukawa tree roots which coil themselves around the crags of our coastline, challenging adversity and creating beauty in the sunshine moments.

I am of Māori and German extraction and live and work overlooking the inner harbour Wellington New Zealand with my husband and our four fabulous sons and two crazy cats.

Check out fresh new works and work in progress on instagram @tamanoanoa

The Rorschach Series

Upcoming exhibition at Gilberd Marriot Gallery
Lvl 1, 37 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington

Opening: 14th Nov 2019 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Exhibition: 8th Nov 2019 - 8th Dec 2019

The Imperfect Pull

The Imperfect Pull wood-block print series is based on the Maori myth of Rona and the Moon. Female forms and mystical creatures cavort in the moonlight. There is yearning, there is movement, there is unease and there is loving connection. Look deeply and discover your own inner animal. Be drawn in but don’t let the moon steal you away! Limited edition original prints.

The print series was first shown at Inverlochy Art School, Wellington, in September 2018.
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Framed prints: 275 NZD.
Unframed prints: 125 NZD.
Mens T-Shirt Moon Walkers: 45 NZD.
Womans T-Shirt Moon Walkers, Family Circle, Little Creature: 45 NZD.
Unisex Singlet Moon Walkers, Little Creature: 45 NZD.

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